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Thisweb page is to assist people who want to travel, or organize a group totravel, to the Philippines to have a healing experience. Brother Romeo is an authenticated healer that specializes in the psychic operations. 

The happy healer

BrotherRomeo is known as the “happy healer? He has discovered that truewealth is in people and he enjoys interacting with all people from allwalks of life. He has a magnetic personality and people are drawn to himinstantly because of his sincerity. He is a friendly, open person wholaughs a lot and can be very funny. His stories are always captivatingbecause he does not just tell a story, he acts it out and has manypeople bent over laughing at his tales. It seems that Reverend Romeo has discovered that after all, laughter is the best medicine.

The following arrangements can be made:

       Transfer from, and back to, the airport in Manila, Philippines

       Hotel/Beach Resort reservations

       Pre-booking a series of healing sessions with Reverend Romeo and a second healer.

What is known as “bloody operations?/b>

Theterm ‘bloody operation?was coined by these special gifted healers in order to distinguish between the physical opening up of the body,  (like a surgeon but with their hands) and the others that do surgery on a level that is invisible.